A haunting model for Halloween!
Date: 10-30-15 8:55AM | Category: rgdesigns

Halloween isn't my favorite holiday, but I love the spooky, mysterious atmosphere that goes along with it. The title sequence for "Tales from the Crypt" and the entire experience at Disney's Haunted Mansion attraction are just full of that old-fashioned, over-the-top spookyness that I can't get enough of. So I couldn't resist the oppurtunity to work on my own haunted house model for Halloween.

Its not quite finished, but I wanted to composite it into some spooky photos to get an idea of the look and feel. Ultimatelly I'm planning on adding some "ruin" to the house via some broken windows, damaged siding, etc. I'd also like to work on a full 3D environment with all kinds of spooky stuff (old rusty gates, headstones, you name it.)

So for now, enjoy a sample of Winters Run Manor in 2 settings: A shadowy forest, and an old abandoned farm. Enter if you dare...muhahaha.